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Mindstream is a mental wellness venture which is dedicated to multi-disciplinary health care with various disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, mental health, and social work. We are a team of experts who are working towards a common goal of providing quality mental health care services thereby empowering & stabilizing human minds to bring in the best version of themselves on a personal & professional front. As our tagline implies, we filter human minds by unchaining their minds & improving their efficiency in all aspects. In a nutshell, we are a unified solution for all mental health concerns.

Who we are

The brilliant team

People who can heal your mind and soul

Mindstream brings in a unique concept of upgrading wellness in various channels and streams through their varied services and programs which concentrate on specialized services for different sectors in the various fields across all age groups.

We are a virtual platform where we focus on providing therapy to people in all walks of life. We have specific programs both short term and long term for professionals to solve their mental health-related issues helping them to increase their productivity in personal and professional lives.


Our Services

Mindstream is a unique wellness concept developed by a group of expert doctors, psychologists, and veterans from the domain along with a great R&D team to focus on the mental well-being of individuals to enhance their productivity and help to lead a life of calmness. Our aim is to bring in the best mental support service to individuals, organizations & enterprises thereby building a strong, powerful, and stress-free environment.

Personal wellness

Mindstream is focused on the personal well-being of the individuals in helping them deal with the various issues in their lives with a team of experienced therapists who help you with the right guidance through mental health sessions and solve your concerns.

Each has specialization on a particular stream that suits your specific needs. We ensure to provide you a holistic environment with the help of our amazing experts and certified therapists that comfort you. Our vibrant team consists of the best online counsellors, expert psychiatrists, psychologists, best clinical psychologists, and mental health doctors.

Clinical therapy

Deals with specific mental health disorders and coping techniques.

Behavioural therapy

Recognize the trouble behaviour and change it for good.

Relationship therapy

Learn how to establish stable and satisfying relationships.

Therapy for Children

Explore solutions for prevailing childhood psychological problems.

Personality Therapy

Insights about personality types and management of unhealthy traits.

Therapy for learning disability

Insights about personality types and management of unhealthy traits.

Corporate wellness

The Corporate wellness programs help employees to have a stable atmosphere and creative mind to focus on the work course turning them into the best professional person of oneself. Any mental health concern of your employee will be handled by a team of experts having over a decade of experience in the mental health and wellness theory.

Our aim is to create a healthy work environment and a positive ambiance for the employees which help them to have a better thought process reflecting in their professional capabilities. This in turn helps in the holistic growth of the organisation.

Employee enhancement program

Employee enhancement program

Employee Wellness Program

Employee Wellness Program

Our Experts

Our Programs

Mindstream has created unique programs for all segments of society according to their specific needs

For Pregnant Woman

Mindstream focuses on providing a calm & relaxed mental health ambiance to the expecting mothers.

For Community

Our aim is to ensure that our community mental health program services are accessed by all segments of people.

For self-care

We offer techniques and approaches for Self-care. Invest in your well-being to experience a fulfilling life.

For relationships

Mindstream has developed special programs for enhancing relationships and bonds through effective techniques.

For Corporates

We offer exclusive programs for corporates to enhance the productivity and mental wellness of their employees.

For elderly

Help elders to improve their mental health & overcome the physical & emotional challenges faced by them.

For professionals

Reach the perfect balance between personal & professional life by our specialized employee programs.

Our Experts

Our Doctors & Psychology Specialists

Our doctors and experts are very sincere and professional In handling all your problems, armed with qualified experience in their fields.


Dr. Mohan Sunil Kumar

Chief Psychiatrist


Dr. Kiran Makhijani

Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Shalini Dhadwal



Ms Sayantani Sinha

Psycho Oncologist


Ria Gidwani

Clinical Psychologist


Your Smile is Our Biggest Reward

Mindstream wellness has given us the whole concept of psychology in a nutshell with just a short span of 8 weeks of the corporate wellness program. I got a lot of insights & necessary understanding about clinical therapies that can be useful for me in the future. Kudos to the wonderful team.
Rinsi Pavithran
Aviation Professional
The corporate wellness programs offered by Mindstream Wellness was beyond my expectations. It simply proved the credo, "Investing money on ourselves is a great asset". I had a wonderful experience with the brilliant mentors of Mindstream whose guidance was a real eye opener.
Freelance content writer
I am a petro-chemical professional with a post graduate qualification in Environment. I did a session with Mindstream wellness on Relationship therapy gave me a lot of insights that I was seeking desperately in connection with "Counselling and Family therapy.'' Hats off to the awesome team.
Petrochemical Professional