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Mindstream Wellness

In today’s fast-growing world, where lifestyle disorders are a component of our system. Mindstream brings in a unique concept of upgrading wellness in various channels and streams through their varied services and programs that concentrate on specialized services for different sectors in the various fields across all age groups. Mindstream academy emphasizes training programs which are versatile in getting employment in specific domains under the guidance of well-experienced professionals in the mental health field.

Mindstream wellness provides the best online counselling and therapy by expert psychiatrists, psychologists & clinical psychologists & experienced doctors in this field. In a nutshell, Mindstream provides a one-stop solution for all your mental health concerns & training requirements.

About Us

We are one of India’s unique and only platforms offering mental wellness services and an academy for training mental health professionals. Mindstream is a wellness concept developed by a group of highly experienced and dedicated professionals who are directly related to mental health care & wellness. We are a group of mental health specialists striving to work towards a common goal of providing quality mental health care services while also contributing to the need for highly trained professionals to deliver quality mental health care. With our experience from diverse areas and with a vision to facilitate wellness at any stage in an Individual’s life cycle, we look forward to offering value-added and quality-oriented services for individuals, organisations and institutions. We have two segments which are wellness services and training programs for specified requirements.



Our vision is to create a highly competent, quality-oriented mental health care and wellness infrastructure with a trained human resource to design, deliver and manage quality services with confidence that soothes and serves the affected with humanity and compassion.



Our mission is to develop Mindstream Institute of Mental health care & wellness to international level where we could deliver our best services to the people across globe. We also intend to collaborate with Mental health care professionals experts to extend & expand our offerings.

Our Values

Mindstream Wellness strives to deliver the best wellness that will turn around and bring a difference to your life and mind.

Our values mainly concentrate on

- Providing mental health care facilities and programs.
- Catering to the needs of the clients and customers to ensure that everything is run in a smooth manner from a personal and professional point of view.
- An organisation that promotes an innovative & value-added approach to bring an intense positive change in the mental health care segment across the globe.

Our Experts

Our Doctors & Psychology Specialists

Our doctors and experts are very sincere and professional in handling your every problem, armed with qualified experience in their fields.


Ms Sayantani Sinha

Chief Psychologist


Dr. Mohan Sunil Kumar

Chief Psychiatrist


Dr. Kiran Makhijani

Clinical Psychologist


Ria Gidwani

Clinical Psychologist


Richa Das



Your Smile is Our Biggest Rewards

Mindstream wellness has given us the whole concept of psychology in a nutshell with just a short span of 8 weeks of the corporate wellness program. I got a lot of insights & necessary understanding about clinical therapies that can be useful for me in the future. Kudos to the wonderful team.
Rinsi Pavithran
Aviation Professional
The corporate wellness programs offered by Mindstream Wellness was beyond my expectations. It simply proved the credo, "Investing money on ourselves is a great asset". I had a wonderful experience with the brilliant mentors of Mindstream whose guidance was a real eye opener.
Freelance content writer
I am a petro-chemical professional with a post graduate qualification in Environment. I did a session with Mindstream wellness on Relationship therapy gave me a lot of insights that I was seeking desperately in connection with "Counselling and Family therapy.'' Hats off to the awesome team.
Petrochemical Professional