Corporate wellness

Corporate wellness program

Enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Helps employees to have a stable atmosphere to have a creative mind to focus on the work course turning them into the best professional person of oneself. Any mental health concern of your employee will be handled by a team of experts having over a decade of experience in the mental health and wellness theory.

We offer the following corporate programs: 

Monthly Psychological Assessments

We use a number of tools to create a detailed profile of the employees by assessing them on various psychological parameters which can contribute towards their work performance and productivity.

Personal Counselling Sessions with our experts

We provide a confidential and discrete environment to all of your team members encouraging them to freely talk about mental health issues with our experienced panel.

Employee Enhancement program

Employee Enhancement program

Self Help Techniques and Resource Material

Time bounded issues specific emotional well-being programs which include pre & post-assessments, multiple therapy session worksheets & mental health reports providing in-depth support and guidance to overcome the mental health concern.

Psychological & Growth Analysis Report

We provide individual and personalized reports for each individual and employee to ensure that everything is run in a smooth manner concerning their respective details.

Webinars, Workshops and CXO Training

Employees are made to understand and equip themselves with the effective needs and changes which will lead to their betterment and self-growth.

Employee wellness program

The pursuit of happiness

Employees are the asset of any company. Therefore it is essential to ensure their well-being in the most effective and efficient manner which will lead to the enhancement in a personal and professional level. We do offer a number of services concerning the same which will give an insight for the best.

emotional well being

Emotional Well-being programs

Specific issues pertaining to the person will be done based on pre & post-assessment tests. Once a detailed report is been built on the concerns the individual is going through, remedial therapy would be suggested by experts.

self helping

Self Helping techniques and resources

A number of methods and techniques will be used to understand that will help in knowing what is best for the individuals and employees which will lead to a holistic growth in an organic manner.

Corporate Leadership Training Program

Leadership Training Session

Leadership Traits

Mindstream has specific assessment tools to evaluate the key traits of an individual which are required to be an efficient leader in the corporate. The specific tests help to identify one's strengths and weaknesses in their professional arena. The benefit of the organization I that they can recognize the right people as their team members in addition to this the management will also understand the basic standards that need to be maintained to ensure workplace and job satisfaction.

Team Effectiveness

Team gelling qualities of the organization can be identified through psychometric & psychological analysis. This will benefit the entire company to have individuals that contribute towards building a great team leading to better results and a strong working environment for the organization.

Corporate Assessment Session

Workplace standards

In order to ensure a happy workplace ambiance, the organization has to meet certain parameters and individuals working in the company also need to maintain a disciplined organization pattern for the benefit of everyone.

Work motivation

Mindstream provides personality development and motivation session to individuals so that they feel highly motivated to work for the company. The management also needs to maintain contribute both monetary and non-monetary benefits to its employees to keep them charged always.

Our Experts

Our Programs

Mindstream has created unique programs for all segments of society according to their specific needs

For Pregnant Woman

Mindstream focuses on providing a calm & relaxed mental health ambiance to the expecting mothers.

For Community

Our aim is to ensure that our community mental health program services are accessed by all segments of people.

For self-care

We offer techniques and approaches for Self-care. Invest in your well-being to experience a fulfilling life.

For relationships

Mindstream has developed special programs for enhancing relationships and bonds through effective techniques.

For Corporates

We offer exclusive programs for corporates to enhance the productivity and mental wellness of their employees.

For elderly

Help elders to improve their mental health & overcome the physical & emotional challenges faced by them.

For professionals

Reach the perfect balance between personal & professional life by our specialized employee programs.