For schools and universities

We offer holistic development and smooth transition for students during their academic journey. Mindstream also has a specialized program for teachers such as a certified school counsellor program that helps them to handle counselling sessions to maintain the wellbeing of their students.

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For elderly

Mindstream has a specialized mental wellness program for senior citizens to resolve their mental health concerns by helping them to overcome their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social challenges. Our expert team identifies & addresses these needs through effective approaches with personalized attention.

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For relationships

Relationship counselling or therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on helping people improves their relationships. By working with a therapist, individuals can explore issues in their relationship, work on their communication, improve interactions, and resolve conflicts. Effective therapy depends not only on the skills and experience of the counsellor and the cooperation of the individual of being honest & trying out techniques so as to make the relationship work better & effective.

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For Pregnant Woman

This mental well-being program aims at taking care of the expecting mother’s mental health during her pregnancy as it deeply affects the health of the baby, and even leads to pre-mature delivery, low birth weight & other PTSD concerns.

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For Corporates

Mindstream has developed a unique corporate training program for both employees & the CXOs for the holistic growth of the organization. This specially designed corporate retreat program aims at filling the emotional gap between the members of the company & helping them to carry out tasks as one productive workforce. Our experts have created innovative sessions that focus on enhancing the efficiency of the entire crew via improving their mental well-being, team gelling qualities & getting self-motivated to bring out the best in them.

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For self-care

Mindstream helps individuals to follow self-care techniques to take care of the activities of daily living and pay attention to their medical concerns. Our therapists take sessions involving relaxation techniques such as meditating, journaling to attain emotional well-being. Our therapies identify the root cause of depression & teach the individuals methods to get self-help that relieves symptoms of depression and improves one’s mood, which will generally lead to one becoming able to meet self-care needs once again.

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For professionals

Mindstream provides support to professionals so that they can focus on their thoughts better enhancing their productivity & efficiency. Professionals working in corporates and organizations need to be highly competent, productive & psychologically healthy in this competitive industry. Our therapist helps you with individual & group sessions to provide techniques & knowledge to aid in solving your problems at work.

For Community

Mindstream also has devised community mental health programs to ensure that our specialized services reach all segments of society. We aim to promote a healthy & peaceful living environment through value-based approaches & effective techniques that resolve mental health concerns leading to the holistic growth of the entire community.

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